Importations LS Imports sells some of the best quality clothing and accessories made of bamboo!

With all the different brands and styles of clothing and accessories, it can be tough to find one that matches each of your qualifications. When shopping these days, you want to find attire that is comfortable, high quality, and reasonably priced. You want something that will get to you quickly and be exactly what you expected. It is hard enough to find all of that in a particular product in person, and expanding the search online does not always help! This is the very reason why we have created Importations LS Imports!

Importations LS Imports sells some of the best quality clothing made of bamboo fabric. With all the many benefits of bamboo fabric, we could not resist making it even more accessible and affordable to the masses.

When we first tried bamboo clothing for ourselves, we realized the style is too good to be true considering it’s not available everywhere. We are making that change to bring you clothing made from one of the most comfortable fabrics we have ever tried. Not only is using bamboo fabric a cozy wear, but this type of fabric is also anti-bacterial which will help you remain odor free, fresh and clean all throughout the time you’re wearing it.


Bamboo material is insulating which means it is a fabric that can be worn any time of year, and it is certain to keep your temperature at a comfortable place.  Bamboo fabric is also known to be the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet, making it an incredible ‘green’ alternative.  

Importations LS Imports has a large collection of bamboo underwear and socks of all sizes and cuts.  No more searching for the perfect attire or the perfect gift. Take a look at our catalog, and we are certain you will find the perfect style for you.  If you have tried bamboo fabric before, you know the pleasant comfort it provides while wearing it. If you haven’t, it’s time you gave it a try! Once you have worn bamboo fabric, you’ll want all your clothes to be made from it.

Whether you are looking to get yourself something nice or buy a gift for a loved one, you will find some incredible options here.

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